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What time of day is best to exercise for optimal sleep?

A quick dive on which times of day may be optimal for exercising

The Crescent Team
The Crescent Team

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The timing of exercise throughout the day and how it affects our sleep is different based on the individual. Here's a quick dive into it.

Morning Exercise

Timing your exercise early in the morning can have a multitude of benefits. When we exercise outside in the morning this can give the benefit of both getting sunlight exposure and the effects of a core body temperature shift that occurs from exercising. Some research has shown overall that exercising/ training for at least 30 minutes a day can have positive impacts on your sleep.

Afternoon Exercise

Aerobic exercise can be a great option for exercises done in the morning and afternoon as it can stimulate earlier melatonin release and better align your circadian rhythm.

Evening exercise

While some research has shown exercising too close to bed can be detrimental to sleep quality, it's not clear-cut. Evening exercise may have negative impacts on people who are more early birds while night owls may see more benefit to evening exercise. Moderate intensity activity in the evening or light yoga can also be beneficial if more intense activity disrupts your sleep.

You also want to be mindful of exercise timing if you do find it difficult to go to bed. You want to stop exercising 90 minutes before bed to give your body time to unwind and for your core temperature to decrease to optimal levels.

What's next?

Work with your Crescent Health coach to find what exercise timing works best for you to maximize your sleep quality.

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